Weary Faith

I pray you are well! Physically, mentally and emotionally healthy and feeling strong and confident.

Remember that God did not give us the spirit of Fear, but a sound mind!

Pastor Dharius, mentioned in his teaching yesterday (April 19th). Fear is another tactic of the enemy. He also gave us an acronym for fear-FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL.

Beloved, please do not let the media or anyone else for that matter, fill your heart and mind or emotions with fear and unbelief. During these times, when the world (non-believers) are all in a panic. We need and should be the example. Our confidence as Christians should be anchored in faith and in our God and the redemptive power of the blood of Jesus Christ!

Family, draw near to God, and He will certainly draw near to you. Put your trust and high confidence in Him!! God promised to never leave us nor forsake us!! Beloved, have you ever read Psalm 91? Whatever your answer – please reread it again, over and over, along with the same scriptures at the bottom of this passage you can use during your daily devotional time.

The scriptures admonish us to build ourselves up in our holy faith (Jude 1:20).

God, being the loving father, that he is, will shield and protect us, his children – like any loving and caring parent would!

We all will get through this season of our life. Just remember our faith is being tested, and for some of us, our patience is being tested by our children, spouses, roommates!!!

But we are resistant!! We were built for this. The greater one lives on the inside of you (1John 4:4).

Remember you, MUST pray but also laugh often!! If you remember some tips from Girl’s Night In Session 1 (April 6th). Be Present but not Perfect!

Beloved, you must exercise self-care. Please take mental and emotional breaks for yourself. I know that God has given us woman buoyancy and resilience – but, just as a device or appliance is only as reliable as its power source!! Your faith and strength are reliant on God!! He is our constant source of power as long as we stay plugged into him (John 15:5). God, is the vine and we are the branches. Therefore, we can do nothing apart from him.

Finally, rest in God! Cast your cares on Him! Let, Him carry you when you are feeling weary or week. Do you remember the poem footprints in the sand? Did I just make you smile? ? We’ll don’t be afraid to rest in God; ask Him for strength and guidance when your emotional and faith barometers are low. Also, seek help from your natural and church family when you start to feel overwhelmed. You are not in this alone.

Know that I am praying for you, and we also have a prayer line available Monday through Friday from 3pm to 5pm. There are live prayer counselors waiting to take your call.

Stay encouraged and stay safe. I love you, and so does your heavenly Father, and He promised never to leave you nor forsake you!

Shameka Daniels

Shameka Daniels

Caring, capable, and creative are all words that accurately describe Shameka Daniels. She is the wife of Pastor Dharius Daniels of Change Church and the proud mother of two sons: Seth and Gabriel. As a strong voice in the Change Church community, she helps to lead many of the creative, administrative, and organizational aspects of the church.
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