Stop & Smell The Roses

Are we so busy working, taking care of responsibilities, and juggling all that life has dealt us that we miss out on the good things in life? 

During this lent season I have been taking an inside look on Jesus’s journey to the cross and I have a self reflecting moment when I read about Palm Sunday. Jesus was riding to Jerusalem on the donkey and the people were shouting out praise. Some of the Pharisees said to Jesus, “ Teacher, rebuke your disciples.” Jesus responded, “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out”.  Luke 19:38-40.

Jesus knew how to live in the moment. He did not allow the comments, opinions of other or even what was ahead of him to stop Him from living in the moment. Jesus received the praise of the people and did not focus on what was on the other side.

As I read the passage, “Stop and smell the roses” came to me. Are we distracted by everything else that we miss the opportunity to see the beauty of the roses? I think people who share my personality type; we are go getters, problem solvers, getting the job done type people. This is a strength but it also can be a weakness. There are times that we are so busy taking care of everyone and everything else that we miss out on our moment. The moment where you can hearing the rain fall, hearing the wind blow, feel yourself breathe or receive something that uplifts you.  We are so busy participating we lose our ability to be a spectator.

My prayer for us is that God helps us to relax and find the space where we can breathe and take in what is being given. We don’t want to be so busy and distracted being Martha; We should want to challenge our inner Mary. In Luke 10:38, Martha was in the kitchen, preparing the house, busy getting ready for Jesus. She was upset with her sister Mary because she was sitting at Jesus’s feet. Martha was probably that fast moving, fast talking, anxious women; but Mary was laid back, calm, taking walks, peaceful, sitting and listening without any distractions. We should all strive to be more like Mary.

So let’s slow down and take in the moment.

What have you done lately that gives you life, that you enjoy?

When have you stopped just to receive?

Shameka Daniels

Shameka Daniels

Shameka Daniels

Caring, capable, and creative are all words that accurately describe Shameka Daniels. She is the wife of Pastor Dharius Daniels of Change Church and the proud mother of two sons: Seth and Gabriel. As a strong voice in the Change Church community, she helps to lead many of the creative, administrative, and organizational aspects of the church.
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